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  • Interests: Exploration - Pushing boundaries
  • Gender: Heterosexual Couple
  • Date of Birth: 1966
  • Ethnic Group: White
  • Relationship Status: In a monogamous relationship
  • Sexuality: Straight
  • Smoke: No
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  • Body Type: Slim
  • Sexual Assets: Average
  • Education: High School
  • Nationality: United Kingdom
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We are an older UK couple, both now over 50 years old, who have a fantasy. We like to talk about meeting a guy or guys to fuck me while my man watches. We are at the stage where we talk about this a lot but we are just considering for now.

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Sluts out on the town - part eight

"Move up" said Belinda as she got on to the bed and laid next to me. She opened her legs for the two guys who were stood looking down at us. I copied her and spread my legs apart.

I felt my clit hardening as moist lips kissed around my vagina. My eyes were closed and I didn't know which guy was attending to me. Belinda moaned with pleasure at the side of me.

The guy dribbled spit onto my clit and it trickled down my pussy lips which were already wet with cum. His tongue feathered my clit. I wriggled with pleasure as a finger slipped deep inside me. The tongue pressed harder onto my clit and moved rapidly. I felt ready to explode when it stopped!

"Time to swap" said the guy. I looked up in time to see Craig's head making its way to my pussy. "He fed on me hungrily before standing up. "Turn around" he said and his friend told Belinda to do the same. We were both on all fours waiting to be fucked from behind.

Craig's cock filled me as he pushed inside me. Slowly at first and then more urgently. He brought me to climax and still carried on pounding me. His quickening breath told me he was ready to shoot his load. His cum shot up me as I reached orgasm once more. Belinda had collapsed as Sam had finished fucking her. We looked at each other and grinned.

Sluts out on the town - part seven

The dirty talk was really turning me on and I could tell Sam loved it. His cock was as solid as a rock and that was before I'd got to work on it. I glanced at my phone screen to make sure my husband was still connected, making sure my new fuck buddy didn't spot me. I was now stripped down to my stockings and heels. I wanted to give my husband a running commentary without Sam getting suspicious.

Me - "I'll put my tits near your mouth so you can lick my nipples.."

Sam - "They are so hard. You have amazing tits."

Me - "I'm going to suck your cock while I straddle you so feel free to finger and lick anything "

Me - "Its ok to lick my arse sweetie I'm used to it."

Me - "That's right, push those fingers deep into my pussy."

Sam - "I love your tight pussy. It's dripping wet "

Me - "Your cock tastes good honey. Would you like me to sit on it."

Sam - "Let me shoot my load inside you."

Me - "Keep fucking me hard. I'm going to cum. Shoot it up me. I'm a filthy whore "

And we both orgasmed at the same time. Just as there was a tap on the door. In walked Craig with Belinda following. "Mind if we join you?" he said.

Sluts out on the town - part six

It was only a short walk to the apartment. We walked through the reception and went in the lift. Everyone was quite and I put this down to collective nervous anticipation.

The accommodation was lovely. Largely open plan with a huge corner sofa and a large screen tv with s modern kitchen and dining area. Four closed doors presumably led to the bedrooms and bathroom.

Sam prepared some drinks while I asked to be excused while I used the toilet. In there I called my husband and spoke with him quietly enough for no one else to hear. "Hi sweetie. I'm going to get fucked soon so I'll leave the phone on so you can listen."

My guy gave his approval. After all we had a bet on this and he did ask for proof! I imagined him beating his cock while he heard me moaning with a dick inside me.

Coming out of the toilet I saw Belinda and Craig on the sofa. He was already on top of her and had his hand up her skirt. Sam was sat at the opposite end watching them. I considered mounting him there and then but instead I held out my hand and said "Take me to bed."

I placed the phone behind my handbag on the bedside table checking that my husband was still connected. I told Sam that I loved a guy to talk dirty to me and treat me like a whore. He got it immediately and said, "Strip infront of me you filthy slut."

Sam had undressed and was already laid on the bed with cock in hand. I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it. "That's right baby, stroke your cock for me." I teased him by slipping my fingers in and out of my panties - "My pussy is wet through sweetie." I bent over and showed him my ass - "Would you like to taste my arse?" I slowly revealed my tits - "My nipples are very hard aren't they?"

All the time I imagined my husband wanking hard while I acted like a dirty slag for a guy I'd only just met.

Sluts out on the town - part five

The guys introduced themselves. The smaller, tanned guy with short dark hair was called Sam. His shirt was unbuttoned enough to reveal dark hairs on, what looked like, a well toned chest. He was polite and entertaining and I detected a glint in his eyes that told me he found me desirable.

Belinda was flirting with the other guy, Craig. He was the quieter of the two. He was dressed immaculately from head to toe and I had to admit that he attracted me just as much as Sam.

The conversation flowed as did the drinks. Craig was at the bar when I asked Sam how long they were staying in town. He answered that the guys had one more night to stay in the apartment around the corner before going home tomorrow to their wives. The two of them had been away on business and this was their third night.

"I've heard that those apartments cost a small fortune to stay in," I said, "I bet they are lovely?" Sam didn't need a further hint, "After this drink I'll show you if you like?" My smile showed him that I'd like very much!

Craig came back with the drinks and Belinda pretended to be upset. "I want to see the apartment" she said in an exaggerated mardy voice. "No problem" was Craig's reply and another surge of excitement ran through to my pussy.

Our glasses were empty and Sam stood up, held out his hand to me and asked if I was ready. I took his strong hand and allowed him to guide me to the exit. He opened the door and stood aside for me and I brushed past him, pausing just long enough to look him in the eye as my hand squeezed the bulge in his trousers.

"Are you excited baby?" I asked. "You look fucking amazing" he replied.

Sluts out on the town - part four

My husband had texted me back. He pointed out that the only way I could win the bet was to get a guy to fuck me before I got home - and prove it to him! Time was passing by and it looked like I'd lost the wager.

Belinda and I had been in the usual pubs and bars. We'd chatted and flirted and had a lot of fun. Lots of lads had bought us lots of drinks but none of them really gave me the impression that they could handle or satisfy me.

It was midnight and we decided on one last drink in a new cocktail bar near the train station. It made a welcome change from the constant noise of chat and music in the other bars we'd been in. There was a guy playing the piano in the corner and this added to the atmosphere of relaxed intimacy.

We both ordered a cocktail and sat on a leather sofa, placing our drinks on the low table in front of us. "I've had a great time tonight", said Belinda and we both smiled.

My attention turned to two men who seemed to be walking towards us. Approaching the seat opposite Belinda was a tall, blonde haired guy in a blue suit with a white shirt and pink tie. Heading towards me was a smaller fella in a grey suit with a black shirt. He had dark hair and a nice tan. Both were around 40 and, to put it bluntly, very fuckable.

The shorter guy looked at me and said, "Are these anybody's chairs? Do you mind if we join you?" I felt a stirring and I could tell by Belinda's giggles that she was thinking the same as me.

These two looked as though they knew how to satisfy a woman and my wet pussy was telling me I needed cock.

Sluts out on the town - part three

We moved to one side and waited for the boys to fetch our drinks. When they came over to us Belinda was first to speak (as usual). She took a glass from the taller of the two youths and said, "I bet I could teach you a thing or two. How old are you?"

The lads were both 19 and my friend continued to flirt outrageously with the taller of the two. The other lad just blushed and struggled to give me eye contact, although I caught him looking at my cleavage a few times! I'm not sure if it was the drink, the fact that I felt incredibly horny or a desire to show Belinda that I could grab some of the limelight that made me come on to the shy youngster. I asked him where they were going next and he told me they were off to the cinema in ten minutes. "You can do a lot in ten minutes", I said and then took his hand and said, "Come with me."

I led him through the crowd to the ladies toilets and he was still holding my hand as I closed the cubicle door behind us. I pushed him gently on to the toilet seat, pausing just long enough to undo his belt and pull his trousers down. He pushed his boxers down towards his ankles and I sank to my knees. My red lips engulfed his penis. He was fully erect but his cock just fit nicely in my mouth. I rhythmically moved my head back and forth, occasionally stopping to suck his tight balls. The lad threw his head back as thick, warm cock shot into my mouth and down my throat. I smiled at him and told him to go back to his mate and get on his way to the cinema.

After refreshing my makeup I strolled up to Belinda with a wide grin on my face. For once she was speechless! We finished our drinks and it was time to move on. Just before we left I sent my husband a text;


tyrepilot said:
Where abouts are you? Keen t join your (our) fantasies/desires/wishes
[email protected]
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love yours too thanks
wwver2 said:
Great blog - enjoyed a few of your entries, and will definitely have
to enjoy the rest :)
james9999 said:
Love all the blogs, what a wonderful turn on you are, its all so sexy
just like you xx
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Tnx for excepting great galleries
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Great video and lovely pics. Very sexy body
gazzer123 said:
Just had to say "Hello" to my new friends x
wetwang said:
Your pics n vid are doing all the right things to me, I feel myself
wanting to wank and cum onto your pics, so much.
gazzer123 said:
When your ready to hit the GO button let me know x
kasoo said:
Thanks for inviting me to be your friend, you are truly a sexy couple
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